New Album “Maker” out October 21, 2019












Andy Bopp is an American songwriter and guitarist from Baltimore Maryland.





 Bastards of Melody Merkin/ Interscope 1995

Baltimucho Big Deal 1996

Life on Planet Eartsnop Not Lame 1998

Platespinner Not Lame 1999

The Miracle Brah Not Lame 2000

Bleeder Rainbow Quartz 2001

Super Automatic Houston Party 2002

Treblemaker Rainbow Quartz 2004

Translator Sony 2006

Can you Hear

The Miracle Brah? Rainbow Quartz 2007

This Guitar Kills

Singer Songwriters Rainbow Quartz 2008

Paperclips (Alto Verde) self release 2010

Songs For The Old Country Soul

(Bleaker Street Cowboys) self release 2012

Redeemer EP

(Modern Ruins) Dren 2013

Time to Rock EP Dren 2014

Peach EP Dren 2014

Bleaker Street Cowboys self release 2015

Bleeding Party

(Modern Ruins) Dren 2015

21213 EP Dren 2016

Blisters and Thorns Dren 2017

Wherewithal Dren 2018

Maker Dren 2019



2015 The Old Part of Town The Old Part of Town Mixing, Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background), Bass

2008 Bar of Gold Arty Hill Guest Artist, Additional Personnel, Guitar

2008 Lemon Pop Cooper Composer

2008 This Guitar Kills Singer Songwriters Andy Bopp Primary Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Design

2007 Can You Hear the Myracle Brah? Myracle Brah Main Personnel, Various Instruments, Performer, Assistant Engineer, Composer

2003 Rainbow Quartz Label Sampler 2003 Composer

2003 Treblemaker Myracle Brah Vocals, Guitar, Composer

2002 Bleeder Myracle Brah Vocals, Guitar, Design, Composer

2002 Everyday and Then Some Starbelly Producer, Guitar, Piano, Sound Effects, Vocals (Background), Banshee

2002 International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 5 Producer

2002 Super Automatic Myracle Brah Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Drum, Bass, Composer

2001 Let's Go!: The Best of Splitsville Splitsville Producer

2001 Montogmery Cliffs Montgomery Cliffs Producer, Engineer

2001 Six Years of Power Pop! Composer

2001 The Complete Pet Soul Splitsville 6-String Bass, Percussion

2000 Full Circle: A Tribute to Gene Clark Producer, Vocals, Guitar

2000 Lemon Fresh Starbelly Producer

2000 Myracle Brah Myracle Brah Photography, Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass, Composer

2000 Pop 2K Composer

1999 Plate Spinner Myracle Brah Vocals, Guitar, Drums (Snare), Bass, Design

1998 Baltimucho! Love Nut Vocals, Guitar, Composer

1998 In Their Eyes: 90's Teen Bands Vs. 80's Teen Movies Producer

1998 Life on Planet Eartsnop Myracle Brah Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Design, Composer

1998 Paradigm Associated Labels Composer

1998 Salvador Deli Kyf Brewer Producer, Composer

1997 Yellow Pills, Vol. 4 Vocals, Guitar, Composer

1996 Bastards of Melody Love Nut Vocals, Guitar, Composer

Pull Awake June Star Producer, Mixing, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Group Member